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Transfer of Personnel

Transfer of Personnel (Temporary Work) is a modern employment relationship that gives businesses the opportunity to quickly adapt to the labor market situation. The working relationship subsists for a limited amount of time; that is why it is called temporary work. The temporary worker is employed by a personnel service provider, such as Ratisbona, while generating work for a company that borrows him/her for a certain amount of time. Temporary workers can be utilized in many different areas, such as (yet unskilled) assistant workers in the commercial-technical field, as well as trained professionals or highly qualified employees.


FAQs regarding Tranfer of Personnel


What is Transfer of Personnel?

Transfer of Personnel - also called subcontracted labor or temporary work - means that an employee is left to third parties by his employer for a limited amount of time in exchange for a fixed charge. The employee takes on the role of the lender, while the third party takes on the role of the borrower. 

What are the Conditions for Transfer of Personnel?

Temporary work agencies need a special permission when lending employees in the context of their commercial activity. In this case, it is insignificant whether transfer of personnel is the primary- or secondary aim of the company.
There must be a legally binding employment contract between the lender (temporary work agency) and the borrower. 

What are the advantages of Transfer of Personnel?

1. Predictability

Employees that were lended in the context of transfer of personnel can be ideally involved into short- and long-term planning, as the collaboration with a temporary work agency is based on a precise rate per working hour. This enables you to plan and calculate on the basis of your individual staff requirements - which can be especially rewarding  in  sectors with strong seasonal fluctuations or companies that are currently in the process of growth.

2. Conservation of Ressources 

Transfer of personnel includes the benefit of sparing internal ressources through the decreased administrative effort - especially in the are of Human Resources. Instead of investing your time into recruiting processes, which is always connected to pecuniary efforts, the company can specifically choose its employees through a temporary work agency. Administrative tasks, such as drafting a labor contract, will be taken over by the personnel service provider and enables your HR departement to concentrate on other important things such as onboarding. 

3. Flexibility

Transfer of personnel enables you to last-minute personnel planning without having to conclude temporary labor contracts. Depending on the individual order situation or trade cycle, it can therefore cover peaks and provide necessary capacities. In order to prevent seasonal fluctuations during shortages or being able to continue to accept orders, transfer of personnel is hence a flexible and scalable solution. 


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