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Has become more and more popular in modern economy. As a company you outsource your personnel work towards external service providers, such as Ratisbona Temporary Work. We are specialized on this! Do not just conduct personnel business as a side job during these times of fast moving markets regarding professionel and leaderhsip staff! We take care of personnel controlling, administer personnel files, occupy your open positions and handle your payroll administration. We also take over the whole handling of complete projects within the framework of contracts of employment and services for your company.


How does Outsourcing work?

With outsourcing, companies have the possibility to outsource individual workspaces or entire departments and therefore concentrate on the core businesses. This can concern short- or long-term projects. The terms and conditions are set up precisely in a service or work contract between the personnel service provider and the company.

What does Outsourcing mean for Emyployees of the CUstomer Company?

Outsourcing is an enormous relief for the employees. They can thereby focus on their core competences and invest their time in already existing know-how. In addition, employees have the opportunity to enhance their performance level, if necessary. 

When is Outsourcing worth it?

Companies mainly profit from outsourcing through an external personnel service provider, when they lack capital and personnel as well as the necessary know-how in certain areas. Through Outsourcing, companies do not only decrease their costs, but also invest in a smooth implementation of specific work processes via experienced personnel.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing for Companie

  • Focus on core competences
  • Relief of internal staff
  • Cost reduction and generation of capacities
  • Professional project management in order to increase the efficiency
  • Risk reduction, as the personnel service provider is responsible for the meticulous implementation


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