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On-Site Management

We take over the complete management of external employees directly on site - if necessary, we will also supervise other personnel service providers, also called co-suppliers. We coordinate the assignment of staff for you and take over the complete handling of all administrative tasks within the framework of transfer of personnel.

Your advantage -  You only have our company as a permanent point of contact, short response times, a high level of staffing security and low administrative effort.


How does On-Site Management work?

Often, companies employ more than one temporary worker, each from a different personnel service provider. Through on-site management, we take over the complete management of all temporary workers  directly on-site of the company. We determine the staff requirements, perform the recruiting, coordinate the personnel placement of all external staff (as well as the co-suppliers) and take over the handling of the entire administrative  tasks within the framework of transfer of personnel. 

What benefits does on-site Management have for Companies?

We are the only contact person for the company:

  • Short lines of communication and efficient coordination.
  • Brief response times enable a quick and flexible staffing.
  • The company has lower admnistrative effort. That way costs can be reduced and personnel managers can be partially relieved in order to concentrate on the core business.
  • Our on-site manager in-sight knowlegde of the structures and procedures of the company. That way they ensure the suitable staff as well as swift training period.

What is the Difference to Outsourcing?

The difference between on-site management and outsourcing is that outsourcing lays the whole business process into the hands of personnel service providers . This can include certain isolated work processes as well as the whole recruiting process. On-site management on the other hand manages the temporary staff directly on-site. This mainly concerns the planning and supervision of all temporary workers of the company. 



What are the main Goals of On-Site Management?

The primary goal of on-site managemen is to relieve companies in their search for staff. Especially, when more than one temporary worker from different temporary work agencies are simultaneously employed in a company. The on-site manager takes over all organizational challenges of the transfer of personnel and therefore supports the efficiency of personnel planning. 



The Master-Vendor-Model in OSM

As the Master Vendor we take over the complete staff acquisition as well as administration of temporary workers. In cooperation with our co-suppliers we make sure to properly occupy open positions and are always there for you in regards to any sort of personnel questions or concerns. With a Master Vendor contract, a company is guarantueed a long-term and efficient collaboration, which can also take place site-wide if necessary.


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