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Direct Personnel Placement

Good staff is one of the main factors responsible for the success of a company. Our aspiration is targeted staffing. With us as a partner, you make sure to gain the right employee and therefore market benefits!  It is your choice - you can pick your favorites from our extensive pool of candidates and find the suitable employee fitting your specific wishes.


How does Direct Personnel Placement work?

From the beginning, we will assign your company a go-to person who will clarify your precise needs and determine the desired requirements in order to find the suitable employee for your company. In our search for personnel, we advertise the job opening(s) on various platforms and channels and directly address the appropriate audience. 

After successfully finding personnel, our recruiters will then make a preliminary decision regarding suitable candidates. We will check out your application papers and will get to know you in a personal interview in order to evaluate your soft skills as well. After the preselection, companies may then invite the applicants to an individual interview.  If the company feels confident about the candidate, it can directly employ him/her.



What is the difference between Temporary Work and Direct Personnel Placement?

Temporary workers are employed by a temporary work agency and receive their salary from the agency as well. However, they work in another company and will be sent to different assigments in different companies depending on the demand. 

Direct Personnel Placement is the direct transfer into a company, where the candidate gets an employment contract directly from that company. The recruiter only acts as an agent between applicant and the company. 



Which Advantages does Direct Personnel Placement have for a Company?

  • Time Saving: From  job offer to the selection of suitable trained professionals - we organize the whole recruiting process in order to enable your company to fully focus on your work.
  • Cost Saving: The recruiting of new professionals is usually very cost intensive. With direct personnel placement you save your company the extensive costs and are able to invest your funds in other work processes.
  • Collaboration with specialists who concentrate on targeted recruiting, including valuable consulting and guidance.
  • Due to our extensive network of candidates, we can find the perfect employee for each company's open position. Following this, they profit from candidates with the ideal technical qualifications that properly fulfill the job requirements.
  • Direct access to a large number of candidates.



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