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Benefits for Companies

Stay flexible!
By using temporary work or transfer of personnel, you have the opportunity to quickly overcome staffing crunches. The temporary labor contract  also prevents you from  entering long-term commitments while leaving you the chance of continuing to employ your staff if you wish to. 






Cost Saving

Finding qualified personnel these days is challenging and cost-intensive. With Ratisbona Temporary Work you will save a significant amount of money in regards of recruiting. In addition, you only pay for the actual working hours. Payroll taxes, bonuses, paid vacations as well as wage continuation and public holidays do not apply to your area of responsibility.

Time Saving

We take over the entire recruiting process, while you can keep concentrating on your work. Instead of wasting your time on the selection and maintenance of personnel, you can benefit from temporary work.  We take the necessary time and take off the burden that comes with human resource policy.

Quick and Flexible

Do you have increased business, the amount of sick people has risen drastically and other unexpected issues lead to staffing shortages? Through our extensive range of candidates we can quickly and flexibly supply you with an employee - without long-term commitments.

New Suggestions

Benefit from new ideas and momentums. Thanks to previous jobs of our temporary workers, they bring along valuable experience from other assignments and can forward these qualifications to other employees. By doing this, your company does not only gain qualified staff, but also a variety of new perspectives.

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